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Stilwell/Stillwell/Stillaway: Who are we?

Where do we come from? This website is for all Stilwell/Stillwells throughout the world. There are not many of us out there so research into the family trees has been able to be carried out with some accuracy – particularly in the UK, Australia, New Zealand and South Africa. All the facts on this website have been collected by enthusiastic and extremely knowledgeable volunteers who have provided a wealth of information. Please read the website in the spirit in which it has been created – to provide family history researchers with a central place to go for all information about the Stilwell/Stillwells. Use the drop-down menus above to navigate to interesting information about us. You will not find any family trees or specific data regarding your ancestors, and that is a deliberate act on my part to keep the family data off the public domain.

If you are looking for ancestors please go to the <enquiries> page and get in touch, as I hold a database of over 5,500 Stilwell/Stillwells (and a few Stillaways), mainly up to just after World War 1.

I you can provide me with as many details as you can on your ancestor, ideally back to the early 1900s, I will carry out a search of the data free of charge. Please note that the records I hold do not include US Stilwells as there are some excellent Stilwell researchers in the US who can help you find your ancestors amongst the very large amount of genealogical data available. See the US page under the Key Families group for contacts.

Happy viewing. Martin Stilwell, Woking, Surrey, England