With General Joseph Stilwell being the most famous Stilwell of them all, it is no surprise to find many Stilwell places in North America. However, on closer inspection, many of them do not seem to be named after “Vinegar Joe” but after local Stilwell/Stillwell families.

The two towns of Stilwell in Oklahoma and Kansas are named after railway magnate Arthur E Stilwell. In both towns Arthur’s original railroad goes through it. Stilwell OK is the strawberry capital of the US and I visited it in 1998. I found a pleasant tight-knit town that was successfully shifting from a place that grows and processes strawberries, to one that is a food processing centre – not just strawberries.

The Stillwell Store in Texas, and nearby lands, are named after Roy and Hallie Stillwell. Hallie was quite a character and died in 1997 aged 99. You can find all about her and the place from their website

The provenance and history of other locations on the map above are unknown to me. If you can enlighten me, please contact me using the link.

Below is the list of all Stilwell/Stillwell roads I could find on the internet. Some of them are obviously named after the few world famous Stilwells, but if you know why the others are so named, or if a road needs adding, please let me know via the “Contact me” link.


  • Stilwell Avenue, Kansas, MO (Arthur E Stilwell)
  • Stilwell Avenue, Freemont, OH (unknown)
  • Stilwell Avenue, Norfolk, MA (unknown)
  • Stilwell Drive, Huntsville, AL (unknown)
  • Stilwell Drive, Holt, MI (unknown)
  • Stilwell Drive, Conway, FL (General Joseph Stilwell)
  • Stilwell Drive, Morgantown, WV (unknown)
  • Stilwell Drive, Warren, MI (unknown)
  • Stilwell Drive, Huntington Beach, CA (unknown)
  • Stilwell Lane, Sugarland, TX (unknown)
  • Stilwell Lane, Harpers Ferry, IA (unknown)
  • Stilwell Place Northeast, Albuquerque, NM (unknown)
  • Stilwell Road, Hamburg, NY (unknown)
  • Stilwell Road, Hampton, VA (General Joseph Stilwell)
  • Stilwell Road, Plano, TX (unknown)
  • Stilwell Street, Oklahoma, OK (unknown)
  • Stilwell Street, Kansas City, MO (Arthur E Stilwell)
  • Stilwell Street, Pittsburgh, PA (unknown)
  • North/South Stilwell Street, Pittsburgh, Kansas (Arthur E Stilwell)


  • Stillwell, West Bloomfield Township, MI (unknown)
  • Stillwell Avenue, New York (unknown)
  • Stillwell Ave, Fort Lee, NJ (unknown)
  • Stillwell Ave, Los Angeles, LA (unknown)
  • Stillwell Ave, San Diego, CA (unknown)
  • Stillwell Ave, Lexington, KY (unknown)
  • Stillwell Ave, Tillamook, OR (unknown)
  • Stillwells Corner Rd, Freehold, NJ (unknown)
  • Stillwell Court, Murfreesboro, TN (unknown)
  • Stillwell Court, Mount Lebanon, PA (General Joseph Stilwell)
  • Stillwell Court, Woodridge, IL (unknown)
  • Stillwell Drive/Court, Avon, IN (unknown)
  • Stillwell Drive, Riverside, OH (General Joseph Stilwell)
  • Stillwell Drive, Riverside, CA (unknown)
  • Stillwell Drive, Des Plaines, IL (General Joseph Stilwell)
  • Stillwell Drive, Cincinnati, OH (unknown)
  • Stillwell Lane, Laurel Hollow, NY (unknown)
  • Stillwell Lane, Bridge City, LA (General Joseph Stilwell)
  • Stillwell Lane, Tampa, FL (unknown)
  • Stillwell Road, Oxford, OH (unknown)
  • Stillwell Avenue, Tonawanda, NY (unknown)
  • Stillwell Road, Bonner Springs, KS (unknown)
  • Stillwell Road, Kendall Park, NJ (unknown)
  • Stillwell Road, Clarksville, AR (unknown)
  • Stillwell Road, Cincinnati, OH (unknown)
  • Stillwell Street, Wichita, KS (unknown)
  • West Stillwell Street, Wichita, KS (unknown)
  • Stillwell Street, Houston, TX (unknown)
  • Stillwell Street, East Rockingham, NC (unknown)
  • Stillwell Street, Lafayette, IN (unknown)
  • Stillwell Street, Knoxville, TN (unknown)