Famous Stilwells

There are not many famous Stilwells in the world.

Arguably, the most famous is WW2 US General Joseph Stilwell – “Vinegar Joe”. But there are others out there, maybe less famous, but we can still be proud of them. There is Lieutenant John Stilwell of the 95th Rifles who was killed at the battle of Waterloo. He was the illegitimate son of the Duke of York. About the same time, James Stilwell, surgeon, was establishing the medical branch of the Stilwells. A little more recent is Frank Stilwell, cowboy. He was murdered by Wyatt Earp. Unsung heroes Henry and Mary Stillwell did wonderful work in the Salvation Army in the USA. Australia is well represented by Frank Leslie Stillwell who was a geologist with a number of mountains named after him. More recently, Major Michael Stilwell served with the commandos in Albania in WW2 and won an MC.

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